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Consumer-used textile or Industrial-sued textile
Customized according to customer needs, we are an important part of the global textile supply chain

  • Industrial Application

    Industrial Application

    With professional manufacturing technology, we are flexible with customizing the chemical fiber yarn;Industrial laminated fabrics, geotextiles and flame resistant fabrics are all application of our products.

  • Commercial Application

    Commercial Application

    The raw materials are made of A-grade polyester fiber. According to customer requirement, we can customized garments, socks, webbing, shoe materials, protective gear and other consumer textiles.

About Winning
Established in 1975, WINNING TEXTILE have years of experience in the field of chemical fiber yarn production.
The main products are SPUN and T/R Blended yarn, whether it is consumer-used yarn or industrial-used yarn,
we produce customized products according to customer needs and provide the shortest delivery time.
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Our production has high flexibility, after understanding customer demand, we propose sample testing and practicable quotation.
We can quickly produce customized products and provide the shortest delivery time, which is an important part of the global textile supply chain.
  • Customer<br/> demand understanding

    demand understanding

  • Product developing <br/>and quotation

    Product developing
    and quotation

  • Sample <br/>conformation


  • Massive <br/>Production


  • Quality testing

    Quality testing

  • Product shipment

    Product shipment

  • After–sales service

    After–sales service